Saturday, January 21, 2012

Well, we bought a deep fryer!

We spent about 3 hours (or more!) this morning making the best doughtnuts ever!  Seriously, ever.  This deep fryer is just about the best thing that has ever happened to this pregnant lady.  I would love to tell you that the recipe for the doughnuts is mine, but it's not.  Here's where you can go to get it!

Our weekend tradition is to make fancy/fun breakfasts and dinners, so I will be posting recipes every weekend (mostly my own) for your enjoyment!  :)

Ummm... yeah.  I should also warn you that the 3 of us ate almost the entire batch. 
 I think Lilia ate 5 herself!  So, beware - they are addicting!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

My First Photoshop Creation!

My mom sent me a text this morning asking me to check out some baby shower invites on Etsy.  I found a few that I really liked, but nothing stuck out to me.  Plus, I've been eager to try out some Photoshop skills I've been learning from my sweet husband and various blogs.  So, here it is - my finished product.  It's not much, but I'm really proud of it.  I'm so glad I'll be able to put it to use (and show it off!).  It really is cute, isn't it?

The images are all from  She's amazing.  I also use one of her blog templates here!  When I learn how to use the rest of what she offers to her members, my blog will be a much prettier place.  The fonts are from  This site is a great place to find fonts for the amount of money you can afford.  I try to pay at least a small something for each font and more for the ones I know that I will use more frequently. 

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New Items on Etsy!

3 new banners!  I love felt and lace - definitely 2 of my favorite materials.  Lace isn't so easy to work with sometimes and felt can be tedious to cut, but I love the way they look! 
I had fun making these.  I hope they go to a good home that can enjoy them!

Wedding Blogs!

The 6 months before my wedding were spent scouring thrift stores for vintage lace, dishes, etc. and wedding blogs for ideas and inspiration.  I'm very excited to tell you that 2 very beloved wedding blogs featured MY wedding on their sites.  MY WEDDING!  I've looked at so many photos of other weddings looking for inspiration, I can't believe mine is out there on other wedding blogs to inspire.  It's very cool.
Take a look at these lovely blogs!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Let's start this off with something exciting: my wedding!

My daughter, Lilia (turning 6 in February).  She's the most talented person I know.

My handsome husband, Mark.  I know, I'm braggy.  I can't help it!

Mark and I met in a vegan potluck/book club.  We had to incorporate books into our wedding decor.
Oh, adorable bridesmaids.  Wonderful friends.  I love you for putting up with me and all of my milestones this year.

These amazing photos were taken by the talented photographer, Gaby J.  She captured our wedding so perfectly, I will never be able to express my gratitiude.  Here is her website: