Sunday, May 27, 2012

Mom Tips: Placebos!

 My 6 year old sometimes complains about the silliest little aches and pains.  It's very obvious that she is just doing it for attention and many times there's really nothing I can actually do about it.  So, what do I do?  I lie.  Oh, just a little white one giving her the attention she craves and a made up solution!

I'll give you some examples:

Lilia: "Mom, I bumped my hand against the wall and it huuuuuurts!" (really whiny voice here)

Mom: "Oh, no!  Hurry, run it under cold water and it will feel much better!"


Lilia: "Mom, I can't eat this salad, the dressing hurts my lips!"

Mom: "Put some chapstick on and you'll be able to eat all of it!"


Lilia: "Ouch!  I have a rash and it itches SOOOO bad!!"  (she has like, 5 tiny bumps on her arm)

Mom: "Come here, honey, let's put some lotion on it!"

It makes sense, right?  Fake problem, fake solution?  I'm not saying to shrug off your child when she hurts herself - as a parent, you know when she is really hurt or not.  She gets her moment of attention and your family gets to return to whatever activity they were doing when the little problem arose. 


Note: I'm not claiming to be expert parent of the year or anything, just sharing a simple solution that has worked for me.  Gotta think on our toes, moms (parents)!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

New Shop Listings...

jewelry display frame

I've listed 2 Jewelry Display Frames in my Etsy Shop! 

 jewelry display hooks

I had a ton of fun making these!  I made one for myself and hung it in my bathroom.  I love being able to see all of my jewelry displayed - it makes choosing what to wear so much easier!