Friday, March 30, 2012

Iris is here!

1 week ago today, I gave birth to a 6.5 lb. baby girl in my very own bedroom.  Labor was easy and much different from the birth of my now 6 year old daughter, Lilia, who was born in the hospital.  After having experienced both types of births, I would recommend a home birth ALL. THE. WAY.  I was able to walk around in my own comfortable home and do anything I felt the need to do.  When my body told me that it was time to push my baby out, I squatted down (please excuse my boorishness) on the floor and pushed her out.  It was so much easier than being in the hospital where they tell you what to do and when to do it.  Labor is no fun already - even less when you are in a strange place with a bunch of strange people.  And the recovery!  Oh, the recovery has been a dream!  I have energy, I'm not very sore at all, and my uterus is almost all the way down already - that's what happens when you don't have anyone tugging and pulling on you, your baby, and the placenta. 
Anyway, back to this baby!  She is so sweet.  This baby is so satisfied, we hardly ever hear her cry!  She nurses and poops and makes cute little faces - all of that great stuff that babies do.  And she's so alert!  In fact, when she came out, she stopped crying as soon as she heard her daddy's soothing voice - it was so awesome.  We have been staring at her non-stop all week - we are so entranced by this beautiful baby Iris. 

Thursday, March 8, 2012

My First Fan Photos

About 10 months ago, I received an order for 5 Strawberry Felt Pillows from a very nice lady in Texas.  She told me that she planned to use them to decorate her baby shower, and then, her nursery.  What a cute idea, right?  This was one of my favorite orders I have ever had.  She was SO excited to have found something that fit her need so perfectly - that made me really happy and eager to please!  She told me that she would send photos of the pillows when they were strung up and around her nursery, but until the other day, I hadn't heard from her.  I'm so delighted that she thought of sending these amazingly adorable photos to me after quite a few months!  They really made my day!
strawberry felt pillow

strawberry pillow etsy

These photos were taken by Brandon Kidd Photography

Friday, March 2, 2012

Maternity Photos/Bed Rest Sucks

We just received out maternity photos from our favorite, very talented photographer, Gaby J!  I'm so in love with them.  These photos will be family treasures for the rest of our lives!
On another note, I am on bed rest for a few days.  No big deal, just something we are watching carefully.  So, when I remembered that I have been meaning to update my blog, I thought I'd jump on and post these sweet photos.  Bed rest is very boring, but I have had time to catch up on some embroidery that I started months ago!  I love embroidery, but I'm more of an instant gratification crafter.  So it seems, bed rest is the only way I get it finished! 

Hoping to get out of the house soon!