Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Weekend

We had a fun Saturday at Sagebrush Ranch!  Lily rode her first horse, we went on a hayride, pet cute mini horses, and hunted for easter eggs!  I spent half the time nursing Iris in the car, but Daddy got some great photos of delighted little Lily on her horse!  We will have to try harder to get some other family members in photos - Lily is just so cute to photograph...

On Sunday, we woke up to bunny paw tracks coming from our front door to the living room where Lily's Easter basket was!  There was also a huge mess from carrot crummies!  Lily was so excited - we are working extra hard to keep the magic in her life! 

We made really yummy caprese eggs benedict for breakfast (I used this recipe).  It was good, but very rich!  Definitely a fun holiday breakfast.

My Easter girls are so beautiful, aren't they? We are lucky parents.

Please excuse Iris's nudity.  She was getting ready for a bath and was so awake - I had to use this photo (plus, she's looking up at her big sister.  So sweet.)!  Here's the one of her dressed, not as alert..

Hope you had a wonderful Easter!  We sure did!

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