Monday, April 23, 2012

Relaxing, but very productive weekend

This was the frist weekend since Baby Iris was born that I've been able to get some sewing and crafting done.  I even cleaned!  I told Mark at the beginning of the weekend to not let me clean - that I had too many projects lined up to spend all of my free time doing what I do every day (clean!).  I snuck behind his back and cleaned, anyway.  Why?  Because I had time!

Just look at these two.  I love watching them nap together.  Good thing Lily wasn't there napping with them, that would have been cuteness overload.  I can only take so much! 

Anyway, while they were napping and being all cute and stuff, I did the dishes, scrubbed the kitchen, and finished this beauty:

cotton cord basket

She will hold my fabric that I intend to use in the near future.  Maybe eventually just scraps (I save a lot of my fabric scraps - why?) or yarn, but right now this is what she does.  Oh, and looks pretty.  Mark told me it looks like something you'd find at West Elm.  I'd say that's pretty successful!

basket weaving
I think this may be the first project in a really long time that I have started and finished in one weekend!  If ever.

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